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Sasha is the name..

Hello fellow ~

once you step to my beloved-pretty profile,
actually you're in danger :D


a person with her mind,
who-cares-with-everything cause I'm born to be like who I am

Bullying, teasing are my hobbies ♥

pissed off me??
just see the game that I will play okay?

There will be no second chance afterwards.. so beware

simple motto of mine; take it or leave

if you can't accept who I am,
Get lost from here
I don't need you

I only cares to the one that cares about me which is my FAMILY!!!

p.s: this blog is basicly about my daily life, i'll post some news about JE boys related stuffs^^

Anyway, thanks for your time ~

Interests (33):

abc-z, arashi, boyfriend n yuna ito, chronicles of narnia, clockwork of prince, dark secrets, engine, gokusen, harry potter, hidaremi tantei eye, ikemen desu ne~, infinite, kat-tun, kimi no shizuku, kis-my-ft2, leisure club, merlin, mis snow man, misaki no. 1, mortal instrument, music: hey!say!jump, night world, niini no koto wa wasurenaide, question?, saigo no yakusoku, scrap teacher, sensei wa erai, sexy zone, snow prince, tackey n tsubasa, tantei gakuen q, time traveller, yamada taro
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